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Ethiopia Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
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How Ethiopia is Positioning Itself as a Competitive BPO Destination

Meron Anteneh, a nutritionist in training and a communication consultant by practice, stumbled into the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector

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Hidden Transaction Fees Hamper Ethiopia’s Digital Financial Progress

Confused by hidden fees in your digital transactions? You’re not alone! Digital financial services are booming in Ethiopia, but many

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Banking fees
Deep Dive FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

Understanding the Rationale Behind Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s New Banking Fees

In a recent article titled “Is the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Introduction of New Banking Fees Justified?” by Omer Hussein,

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How to Think about Financial Inclusion in Ethiopia?

While Ethiopia draws lessons from the financial inclusion successes of its neighbors, we need to ask bigger questions. How should

Deep Dive Gig Economy

Web of Permits: Inside the Licensing Regime of Gig Platforms in Ethiopia

On October 9th, a collective of creative minds, innovators, researchers, regulators, and entrepreneurs gathered at the Radisson Blu Hotel in

Visa Ethiopia
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Visa at the Doorsteps of Ethiopia’s Payment Ecosystem

Visa has had a long-standing presence in Ethiopia, with Ethiopian banks relying on the payment giant to issue debit cards.

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The Road to Digitalization in Ethiopia: Lessons from Fuel Stations

By Ibrahim Mamma and Endashaw Tesfaye  Since April 24, 2023, all 153 gas stations in Addis Ababa have started implementing

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Ethiopia’s Refreshed National Financial Inclusion Strategy Unpacked

The National Bank of Ethiopia has updated Ethiopia’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which was developed in 2021. While the official

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Expanding Ethiopia’s Agent Networks Through Innovative Digital Solutions

By Yaa Asamoah Boateng Agent networks play a critical role in the uptake of digital financial services. They make financial

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CIPE, Shega, Swaye Ventures Launch Research Study, Policy Brief

CIPE in partnership with Shega and Swaye Ventures Launch Research Study and Policy Brief on How to Unlock Access to